The Intelli-C is a multipurpose tilting C fluoroscopic imaging system that offers true versatile imaging explicitly designed to accommodate the needs of a busy healthcare facility

"Tilt-C technology that delivers true imaging flexibility."

Best in Class Imaging

Industry-proven cesium iodide at panel detector ensures optimal reliability

Static and dynamic acquisition capabilities offer maximum flexibility

Flat panel area of 17 x 17 inches covers more anatomy to accommodate a multitude of procedures

Real-time image optimization provides unparalleled image quality

*Optional DSA software offers a true multipurpose solution

Intelli-C Compact Design

Compact Design

Intelligent engineering ensures that the Intelli-C will fit into most conventional R&F suites which minimizes costs and reduces downtime.

  • Small footprint ensures budgets are not compromised and installation time is minimized
  • Can be installed in a room as small as 13 x 13 feet


Versatile Design Features

  • Intelli-C’s allows for the table’s support arm to be configured on the left side of the system for open patient access during image-guided endoscopic procedures
  • Vertical table elevation starts at 20 inches off the floor for safe and easy patient loading
  • Integrates easily with as monitors, lamps, and booms to optimize user experience

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